Scorpion Mens Armored Jacket, Black Leather

Motorcycle Thermal All In Naked

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Scorpion Sports Mens Motorcycle Jacket Even with all the advances in textile riding gear, even if they were just as abrasion resistant, I believe there would still be riders who wear leather. The only event that could stop them would be the extinction of the cow. This is why companies like Scorpion Sports are still devoting such love and attention to products like the All In Naked leather.

The suggestive part of this jacket's name, "Naked," makes one think of exposure; but it leaves you anything but exposed. Your body will be protected by 1.2 - 1.4 mm leather and CE-approved Exo-Tech armor at all impact areas. The strength of the jacket runs right down to the stitching, which has Exo-Stitch safety seams in critical areas. A belt loop system will let you secure this jacket to your riding pants or your favorite jeans.

Leather isn't known for its breathability, but Scorpion has included vents, and the armor itself is ventilated to prevent heat and sweat buildup. A KwikWick Thermoliner will not only trap that heat if the weather turns cold but also draw moisture away from your skin.

There's more to comfort than temperature regulation and not losing your flesh in an accident. The straight-cut design and adjustable waist will ensure you don't feel like a packed sausage if you're filling out around the middle or lose protection if you slim down. You also won't feel any psychological discomfort being seen in this jacket with its stitched logo and uniquely embroidered trim.

Here's another black leather armored jacket, made by Dainese.

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