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Black w/ Washable Liner EXO 200

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THH Web Motocross HelmetMotocross helmets run the gamut of style and quality, as manufacturers do what they can to have or create an edge over the competition. The new THH Web is no exception, even though this is a lower end helmet, just over half of a hundred bucks. It comes in seven different color combinations, a camouflage version, two more with a gray base and flames in either orange or blue, and even in solid color or matte versions.

The visor, mouthpiece, liner, and cheek pads are replaceable, and the liner and cheek pads are washable. This helmet is DOT/ECE compliant, but not Snell approved.

A part of Snell approval requires a helmet to withstand two hits to the same spot. The energy equivalence of those impacts is similar to dropping a 5-kilo (about 11 pounds) weight a distance of 10 feet onto the helmet for the first hit, and the second hit by dropping the same 5-kilo weight about 8 feet. Some debate surrounds the validity of testing two impacts in one place on a helmet, as this is evidently rare in a real crash. Despite industry controversy, the Snell rating is still the gold standard when it comes to selling helmets in the U.S.

The DOT (Department of Transportation) rating is the American standard, and ECE is the European standard-this latter accepted in more than 50 countries. It's your head, of course, and without it you're completely useless, so research and purchase accordingly.

Here are some similar graphics for a half-helmet design.

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