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Scorpion Deuce Mens Textile MotorcycleI'll get my own immaturity out of the way first: "Deuce" is a horrible name for pants. Really? Deuce? Come on, marketing people over at Scorpion, get your heads in the game.

Anyway, despite the atrocious branding, they are actually some pretty nice riding pants. They have been crash tested, and the results were made readily available -- meaning they did pretty well. Constructed of ballistic nylon mesh, the Deuce give riders protection and lots of ventilation. Proper airflow can prevent dehydration, chafing, and discomfort. Hot pants make grumpy riders -- at least, they make this rider grumpy.

For dark and inclement weather, the Deuce pants come with a removable wind and waterproof liner and reflective material. Safely behind CE-approved articulated knee armor and hip armor, your legs will suffer fewer of those old scars that you could otherwise tell the grandkids about. Maybe you ought to hang on to your battered armor as a reminder.

Protection from abrasion, weather, and impact is great for riding. Big zippered pockets, adjustable waist, and wide legs will provide ample storage and comfort. So that's just about everything you could want in a riding pant.

Style is a natural side effect of the functional construction. Robust stitching keeps the armor and paneling in place and leaves riders looking like they're ready for anything. The price is creeping toward the high end for cruising pants, but the cost is directly related to the quality. They certainly didn't waste much money on brand brainstorming.

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