Saddlebag Flag Mount, 7/8 Inch

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Saddlebag Flag Mount, 7/8 Inch Sometimes I want to be one of those bikers who ride with a big flag flying off the back of my bike -- the flag of my mother country of Italy, perhaps, or perhaps the Stars and Stripes when I'm feeling particularly patriotic, or maybe even a pirate flag for my ornery moments. I'm torn about those flags, however. I have questions and nagging fears. What does the wind resistance of the flag do to speed and handling? Do birds ever fly into the flag and get bound up? In a freak wind, can a particularly large flag snap forward and wrap around my face, causing me to pull on the throttle out of surprise and fear and blindly propel myself into the back of a Pabst delivery truck?

Not that I've ever heard any complaints about flag flying. So let's say I'm going to fly a flag. How to mount it? Well, it depends on that you ride. One of the easiest choices is an antenna mount. If you have an antenna on your ride, this slick little device will mount to the antenna and hold your flag via clamps. It will keep your flag right where you want it and prevent it from working its way up the antenna when you pick up speed on the highway. There are also license plate mounts, for those who don't have an antenna on their ride.

This mount bolts to 7/8" bars. It comes with small setscrews which secure the pole in the mount, and it's easy to swap out flags -- in case you're feeling more pirate than Dixie on any given day.

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