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Rumble Concept Fender Eliminator One ready market is the so-called fender eliminator for sport bikes. A fender eliminator, for the uninitiated, is usually a condensed and stylized rendition of the stock rear fender; a.k.a. the hang-down assembly, a.k.a. that mess below the back end of your sport bike that holds your taillight, license plate, and turn signals, and through which your mufflers are sometimes threaded.

Motorcycle manufacturers build enormous and often unattractive plastic-and-metal extensions below the rear body of a sport bike to act as a proper fender in order to comply with federal standards, so that they can sell bikes in the U.S. This ugly appendage is usually the first thing a sport bike owner replaces. Hello, Rumble Concept.

Rumble Concept's specialty is laser-cut sheet metal, but they also manufacture plastic fender eliminators for specific applications. All of their products are intended to be bolt-on easy, and come in 16- gauge powder-coated steel with laser-cut logos, such as R6, or 'Busa, etc. You can use your original lights and signals, or purchase various LED kits from Rumble Concept to further customize your rear-end.

Currently, their products are specific to the Japanese Big Four. Prices range from mid-level to high, depending upon your choice of extras. Because of such fluctuation in the price of add-ons, it might be smart to shop for those items first -- but isn't it always?

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