Rockhard Gold Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

American Classic Vintage Retro w/ Leather Trim

Posted by Andy

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Rockhard Gold Open Face MotorcycleMy sense of fashion is pretty awesome, if you ask me. I'm constantly finding great things to compliment my wardrobe at Goodwill or Value Village. Which, consequently, is where you might find an old motorcycle helmet from the '60s. I know that you're not going to purchase it and ride around in it. The deteriorating foam interior is going to get in your hair, and I'm sure that you realize that the DOT sticker on it was put there just to make the rider feel as though it was safe, but really, the helmet is as protecting as a candy-coated shell on an M&M.

But, I hear you. You want that '60s helmet look because it fits the look of your café racer, or old BMW. Well, luckily Rockhard makes an American Classic Helmet that will bring you back in time with the style but keep you in the present with safety and comfort. The vintage-style open face helmet has been designed with a crazy detailed attention to nostalgia, complete with the classic shaped shell and the 5 snap configuration (for your vintage style face shields). They also come in classic speckled flake colors (gold, silver, red). The inside is made of satin pillow soft liner and finished with authentic leather trim and thick stitching on all edges, so no worrying about comfort there. The Rockhard American Classic helmet is DOT certified, and though it might be a little more than what you would spend at a thrift store, it's well worth the price for safety.

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