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River Road Zipoff Black Saddlebags Imagine, if you will, a cloudless June morning. You step out into your driveway, carrying your work bag, on your way to the office. Birds are singing and a soft wind is carrying the smell of a million cups of coffee being poured in the east. On this glorious day, you open your car door to discover a sweltering hotbox that stinks of vinyl. Wouldn't you rather have a "take your bike to work" day?

River Road sells a zip-off, compact set of saddlebags that could make your ride to the office easier. Reinforced walls help these bags maintain their shape, while the UV-protected synthetic leather keeps the price down. Since you don't want to look like a degenerate on your way into work, these bags look little different than any modern, soft briefcase. You can zip them off your bike and whistle your way to work, looking classy all the way.

River Road's bags are, of course, not just for the day laborer. Anyone who wants a low-hassle bag for the bike ought to give these a gander. These simple, piped-edge, strap-fastening bags have extra-long crossover flaps to protect whatever you pack. A 1-year manufacturer's warranty should give you confidence that these are not cheap; they're just inexpensive.

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