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Rider Dust Sand Mask by ATV-Tek There's been more times than I care to mention when I've gone out to the sand dunes to waste away the day riding as fast as my ATV could possibly go with a huge grin across my face, only to spend the next few days brushing my teeth trying to get all the sand and dust out of my mouth. It's hard to keep all of those particles out of your mouth when you're screaming at the top of your lungs because of the insane amounts of fun. You can try bandanas, or tucking your shirt over your face for a bit of relief, but at the higher speeds or just riding the dunes, that bandana is going to fall off and you'll still get a face full of sand.

Sure, you could try sticking one of those painting masks on your face to keep the sand out, but those are hard to breath in and won't stay on very well. For more time enjoying the ride and less time spitting out sand, you could try the ATV-TEK Rider Dust Mask. It's designed to comfortably fit around your face and can cinch up to keep it from falling down. The design also makes it so you can breath normally with very little restriction, though I did notice if you wear glasses under your goggles that they tended to fog up if I started breathing too hard. Also, the little neck flap did a surprisingly good job keeping the sand from getting into my jacket. They're available in multiple sizes.

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