Reda Motorcycle Gas Can, Portable

Saddle Bag Spare Fuel Container, 1 Gallon

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Reda Motorcycle Gas Can, Portable There's a certain amount of excitement and fear that comes over you as you ride your bike, miles from the nearest town, and you notice your fuel gauge is on "E." You could be like me and panic, to which I start convincing myself that my bike will soon sputter and die and I'll end up having to push it to the nearest gas station in the thousand-degree heat, or you could have peace of mind (an ace in your sleeve if you will) knowing that you were smart enough to bring an extra bit of fuel with you.

That's where the Reda Portable Gas Can comes into play. It's that extra level of padding that keeps you focused on enjoying the ride, instead of sweating about your fuel level. Unlike standard gas cans that are bulky, this one is custom shaped to fit in most motorcycle saddle bags. The can dimensions are 6 inches wide by 7 inches long and 10.25 inches tall. It will hold just about a gallon of gas, which will get you at least 30 miles (even in a bigger cruiser bike). It's vapor and spill-proof, so you don't have to worry about gasoline getting on the inside of your saddlebags and ruining them. With just enough gas to help you out, but not enough to weigh you down, the Reda Portable Gas Can could be a help in an otherwise stressful situation.

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