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Engine Exhaust Kit KX85 PK02085

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Pro Circuit Works Pipe A lot of hubbub is going on about the Pro Circuit Works pipe. Some people love them and some people hate them, but the reasons are different and everyone is right. I realize this sounds contradictory, but bear with me.

The Pro Circuit, first off, is a fantastic-looking pipe. It has a visceral appeal, as if torn from the belly of some great mechanical beast. Art imitates nature, and this organ-like pipe fits to the contour of your bike like it was born with it. The seams are hand-welded and pounded on the bare metal finish, giving it a look like no other pipe on the market.

The bare metal finish is precisely what some riders detest because, like so many beautiful things, it requires a lot of care. You have to keep this pipe clean, dry, and oiled, or it will rust. Tarnishing is not inevitable, and if you're buying this pipe then you obviously care about your look, so maintain it or you're throwing your money away.

The Pro Circuit does more than draw attention with its distinct appearance -- it will also boost your bike's performance across the board. The unique shape gives superior gas exchange for increased horsepower and throttle response. The exhaust system on a 2-stroke engine has significant effect on performance, so the Pro Circuit can give you an edge, but you really, really have to be willing to take care of it.

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