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Power Stand Racing Mantis Camera Mount Out on the road we see a lot, certainly far more than we could in a temperature-controlled box of glass and steel. Riding is a full-sense experience. Passing dunes, you can see the sun glint off the quartz and smell the hot sand.

You can't capture the whole experience, but Power Stand Racing's Mantis camera mount will let you hold on to the visuals. The Mantis fastens securely to the gas cap bolts of most street bikes. The rider can still access the gas cap without removing the Mantis, so there's no time lost playing with the equipment.

Still cameras, video cameras, GPS units, or any other mount-ready device can be positioned with adjustable height, tilt, and angle. To reduce vibration, Power Stand Racing designed the Mantis with an anti-vibration suction cup that also provides additional support. This mount is ideal for archiving or adding a motorcycle view to a home-made movie.

If you want to capture the beauty of the Great Smokey Mountains in the mist of dawn, or document a group trip from the rear of the pack, having this camera mount can free you from recording responsibilities by letting your ride be your record. You also won't feel (or look) like a tourist stopping to snap posed photos on the side of the road.

Nothing will be able to recreate the feel of your ride. If that is what you are attempting to capture, you're on a fool's errand. There's nothing wrong, however, with knowing where you've been and being able to spark good memories of rides long past.

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