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Pingel Wheel Chock w/ Mount Kit I've never felt so helpless as when I was in my living room and heard an awful metallic crunch, all the while knowing deep down that it was my buddy's bike falling over out front. From the second floor, we looked out the window and saw it laying down across the curb.

A wheel chock would not have prevented this sad event, because my friend's bike was just poorly parked. But it would be just as distressing to see your machine go over in a trailer. Ratchet straps are great, but they don't provide the stability of a hard mounting chock.

Made of thick-wall steel tube with a chrome finish, you can anchor Pingel's wheel chock to just about anything to which you don't mind bolting the mounting bracket. Pingel also sells extra mounting kits to make moving the chock from one site to another fast and easy. If you use a couple of trailers for your dirt bike and your cruiser, you can swap the chock between them and use it for either bike.

A three-bend radius will ensure that your wheel stays centered in the chock regardless of the tire's width. The Pingel chock will accommodate any wheel up to 6 1/2 inches wide. With straps pushing the tire into the chock, your bike isn't going anywhere.

The quick removal and transfer capability is an excellent time saver, and the set mounting brackets will lay nearly flush with your trailer bed. You won't lose any space when you're not using it for your bike. Unless you're used to shopping at Harbor Freight, you won't be at all surprised by the cost.

Consider adding some security with this Trimax Chock Lock, too.

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