Oakley Proven MX Motorcycle Goggles

White w/ Clear Lens, Lexan Anti Fog & Scratch

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Oakley Proven MX Motorcycle Goggles Competition in the world of goggles is pretty fierce. There are Gladiator-like matches that take place every year in the kingdom of Gogg-olia. Contestants prove their strength and overall toughness by having large stones hurled at them, large people sitting on them, and the final test is being given to a small child for the period of 25 minutes. Only those who survive the final test are then able to have Oakley stamp their name on it.

If you thought that Oakley was too expensive to wear out on your ATV or dirt bike, you haven't really looked hard enough. Though these may be better suited for snowmobiles, the protection that the Proven MX Goggles offer is perfect for getting out in the sand. They feature 100% UV filtering and have an insane impact resistance. They actually fire a 1/4" stainless steel ball at 102 mph to make sure it doesn't crack the Lexan lens. The frame is flexible and designed for maximum comfort as well as designed to give you the maximum peripheral view possible. Aside from being neigh-destructible, their lenses have been treated with Oakley's proprietary F2 anti-fog coating, and also are scratch resistant. Oakley puts their goggles through more tests than most of their competitors, and it shows in the quality of their products.

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