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Romeo 2.0 Polarized Titanium

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Oakley Sunglasses How can a person justify spending nearly $400 on a pair of sunglasses? Perhaps the idea of handing over enough cash for a first rate helmet seems absurd, but Oakley takes their work very seriously, and the Romeo 2.0 polarized sunglasses might just be worth the cost of 20 pairs of convenience store shades.

Constructed of ultra-lightweight titanium alloys, the Romeo 2.0 are strong and comfortable. Each pair is sculpted with 0.0005-inch precision, so you know the exact specs of the specs you are buying. The unique open-edge design leaves the rider's downward field of vision unrestricted, and the peripheral vision is excellent with the clarity of Oakley's patented XYZ OPTICS.

Lenses are the most important parts of any sunglasses, so Oakley had made these 100 percent UV filtering, impact resistant, and polarized to reduce glare. All of these features could save your life. I'm not just being dramatic. Being blinded by a kicked-up rock or the high-beams of an oncoming SUV could easily cause a crash.

The longevity of a pair of sunglasses has more to do with day-to-day wear than it does with single instance destruction. Robust construction will help prevent degradation, but so will the HYDROPHOBIC technology. The feature is so great, it had to be all in capitals. This advancement in optics causes the lenses to repel moisture. You won't have to worry about sweat, rain, or even easy smudging. This same feature also prevents static and the dust that is so attracted to it.

I've saved the best for last: Oakley's Romeo 2.0 sunglasses actually increase their grip with perspiration. If you ever plan to wear sunglasses, I would say these are worth the cost of a couple years of cheap products that you'll never have to buy.

Try the Oakley Gascan sunglasses if your style's a bit more retro than the Romeo.

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