Nexx X60 Vintage Open Face Helmet

Retro Removable Liner, DOT ECE Cream Brown

Posted by Andy

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Nexx X60 Vintage Open Face Helmet Have you ever heard the phrase "Oh my God, it's so cute I just want to squeeze it until it explodes its cuteness all over the place" exclaimed by a woman? I'm sure you have, especially if you have kids and walk around a grocery store once in a while. If this is the type of reaction that you would like people to say about your head protection, then you might consider one of the Vintage Cream/Brown Open Face Helmets by Nexx. Not only do they scream "vintage" in their styling, but they also pull off what a lot of other helmets on the market can't: they look cute.

If cute isn't really what you're looking for, you can just call it retro. There are other reasons to wear this Nexx helmet too, though -- for instance, they pass DOT and ECE safety standards, the outer shell is comprised of Advanced Thermo Resin (which makes it incredibly durable as well as lightweight), and the lining is not only removable and washable but is also anti-allergic for those of you with fabric allergies. To top it off, the visor is made out of polycarbonate Lexan material, so there won't be any shattering, and the D-rings are stainless steel.

For other Nexx helmets with a little bit different styling, check out the Nexx X60 Rap helmet.

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