Nexx X60 Rap Helmet

Retro Vintage Open Face Helmet w/ Hypo-Allergenic Liner

Posted by Andy

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Nexx X60 Rap Helmet Fashion trends are a repeating cycle that is almost as dependable as the cycles of the sun. Some years it's bell bottoms, and others it's skinny jeans. The same thing happens for safety gear, though. The last few years have really been about bringing back the vintage style look with cafe jackets and old-school helmets. Nexx helmets are made with the vintage style but modern safety technology.

Besides being DOT and ECE 22-05 approved, the Nexx X60 Rap Cream Brown open-face helmet is made out of an Advanced Thermo Resin providing optimum strength and safety. The lining is hypo-allergenic, so if you've got some polyester allergies, this helmet should be safe. The lining is also removable to make it easy to wash. The visor is made out of PC Lexan, so it won't shatter if a rock flies up from the car in front of you and smashes it. The whole thing is made in Portugal, so you don't have to worry about cheap components from China failing. The styling is perfect for those who have a classic Vespa or cafe bike that wants the retro-esque look. It's available in a Cream/Tan color, a shiny red, soft black, and shiny white. Even the color selection reflects Nexx's retro ideals.

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