Nexx Viper X30, Full Face and Modular Flip Helmet

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Nexx Viper X30, Full Face and ModularBecause they are such a hot item right now, I've been reviewing a lot of "new concept" helmets. I've looked at modulars, convertibles, and crossovers. Marketing lingo aside, the basic concept is to offer a helmet that adapts to different riding conditions and different riding styles. To be honest, I have had mixed reactions to each of these helmets.

The Nexx X30 Viper also inspires a kind of perplexed ambivalence. Yes, it's innovative. In fact, it has one feature that interests me more than the other modular helmets I've reviewed -- we'll get to that when we talk safety later. Comfort-wise, the Viper is getting good reviews from daily users. If you have a round head shape, this helmet seems to be a good fit (like the Arai round shell shapes). The interior is removable and washable -- a feature that every modern helmet should have. One interesting innovation is that the interior padding is adjustable. Like some other convertible helmets, the X30 incorporates an internal moveable tinted visor.

Now on to safety. The shell is an advanced thermo resin with a flip-up face. Here is where things get interesting. Unlike other modular designs, when the face is in the open position, a unique chin-bar remains. This is a great feature and has allowed the helmet to achieve both ECE 22.05 and DOT certification. It is rated as a full-face helmet because of that feature. I like this technology a lot.

Styling of the X30? Personally, it is really not my cup of tea. The side and rear views are fine; face-on, this thing looks like it belongs on a Power Ranger. I just don't have the superpowers to pull that look off. However, I think the chin-bar advancement in the X30 makes it a big step forward in helmet technology.

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  1. Richard Heckler Says:

    Dear Sirs,
    I have a question insted of a comment. Is the Nexx X30 Viper ready for bluetooth and if yes then can I get it installed at the factory or do the dealers install the bluetooth.

    Thank You,
    Richard Heckler

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