Motorcycle Wireless Remote Control, Universal Lighting Kit

Aftermarket Alarm Heavy Duty

Posted by Tim

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Motorcycle Wireless Remote Control,When I first saw this heavy duty (but compact) wireless remote system, I questioned its merit in motorcycle applications. However, after further contemplation, the first function that came to mind was for an aftermarket alarm. This remote and sensor would work well for that. It would also be good for a multitude of custom bike applications. If you have ever been to a custom motorcycle show, or to the biker nightlife at major road races, you know what functions I am talking about. The unit could remotely activate the lowering mechanism on a custom cruiser, or control the neon "ground effects" lighting on custom sport bikes.

The remotes are compact and simple, which makes them suitable for the motorcycle market. It has a healthy power rating of 15 amps, so there aren't many tasks that would overload its circuitry. Two remotes are included, and both come with batteries. This unit is easy to install with only basic wiring and electrical knowledge. It even comes with anti-code-grabbing technology built in. The receiver unit is ultra-compact, so hiding it on the motorcycle will be an easy task.

When you consider that this item can be found at over 50-percent off its suggested retail price, it is a great deal. Who knows what trick applications you can find for it?

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