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Motorcycle Wheel Chock by Condor People keep coming up with new designs for holding bikes up, and one of these days someone's going to get it right. Another addition to the pile is this 26-pound wheel chock from Condor, which (depending upon whom you quote) can support motorcycles from 2400 to 3000 pounds. Just a thought, but if you happen to own a 3000-pound motorcycle, you might want to look at it from another angle, as it's very possibly a car or a boat.

The Condor is 30" in length, and the side-to-side stabilizing bar is right at 29". You can lay this chunk of steel on nearly any type of surface, including sand, and it will keep your bike from tipping over. I can see where this would be a handy device mounted on your garage floor, or even in the back of a pickup if you have a need to move larger bikes that way. The device is easy and quick to remove from its mounts once those are in place -- although these aren't strictly necessary unless you're attaching the chock to a moving surface, such as a truck bed.

The upright braces are adjustable to accommodate wheels from 15-22", and will hold tire widths from 80-220mm. The chock can fold down on itself to about 6" in height for storage or transport when not in use.

Price is a little on the expensive side, but you won't wear it out, and a little shopping around can bring up some good buys.

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