Motorcycle Tubeless Tire Plugger by Stop & Go 1000

Puncture Repair w/ Mushroom Plugs, Pocket Pouch

Posted by Andy

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Motorcycle Tubeless Tire Plugger byWhenever I think about plugging things, I always think about the scene in "National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation" where Chevy Chase is on the Dam tour and tries to plug a small leak in the Hoover Dam with chewing gum, only to have more leaks spring up, which he tries to plug with his fingers. Funny scene, but leaks in your motorcycle tires aren't anything to smile about. In fact, they're downright dangerous. Chewing gum won't fix it, either.

That's where the Stop & Go Tubeless Pocket Tire Plugger could save the day. This kit comes in a handy storage pouch, and all the tools you need to ream, poke, and plug your tubeless tire so you can ride down the road without wondering the whole time if the next corner is when your rear tire decides to go flat, or the one after that...

If you've never plugged a tire before, that's okay too, because the kit also includes some step-by-step instructions. Just don't get frustrated if it takes more than one try before you get it, though. These tools can be a little tricky, and it's easy to put the mushroom-shaped plug into the tool backwards. Don't worry, though; you can easily tell if the plug didn't go in the tire correctly and you can throw that plug away and grab another one. (It comes with several of them.)

You'll still need a way to air the tire back up. You could use a hand pump (but who wants to carry those around), or you can also check out the Stop & Go companion compressor.

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