Motorcycle Solar Battery Tester

For 12V Lead Acid, Spiral Wound & Gell Cell BA5 Clore 100-1200 CCA

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Motorcycle Solar Battery Tester This is probably one of those products that isn't something that everyone needs in their tool box. But having a battery tester is definitely handy for when you're not sure if the juice generator in your bike is completely dead or just needs a little charge from sitting in the garage all winter.

The Solar BA5 Electronic Battery Tester, made by Clore, does one thing -- and it does it very well. It tests your battery and tells you whether it's worth throwing on a charger or just recycling it and dropping the cash for a new one.

The cool thing about this product is that it will work on a variety of battery types, ranging from traditional lead-acid to the Spiral Wound and Gell-Cell batteries. It'll only work on 12 Volt batteries, though, so if you've got an older bike with a 6 Volt system, don't bother. It is, however really easy to use and comes complete with a user manual that is written in English and guides you step by step through the battery testing process. It uses LED indication lights to let you know what the status is of your battery.

This may be a tool that's best for someone who has a small repair shop or constantly deals with batteries versus just having for your one bike in the garage, but the fact is that the Battery Tester works and can save you the headache of the guessing game.

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