Motorcycle Rain Boots, Waterproof Black PVC

T-Motorsports Rain Shoes, High Calf BTCVR-K-4647

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Motorcycle Rain Boots, Waterproof BlackPerhaps the most annoying thing about living in the Pacific Northwest is the ever chance of downpours or immediate weather change. Sure the land has green rolling hills, there are trees everywhere, and in general people are nice to each other. But for the riding enthusiast (or even the fair weather riders), living here means that your quick trip in the sun can easily turn into a "hurry up and find someplace to hide until this rainstorm passes" kinda trip.

If you're carrying some of these Motorcycle Boot Shoe Rain Covers, made by T-Motorsports, at least your feet will stay dry. They're made with waterproof fabric with PVC coating. The seams are sealed and feature a side zipper that is covered with heavy-duty Velcro to ensure the waterproof-ness. Unlike some of the other boot covers on the market, these go all the way up the calf to make sure they're not going to fall off just from shifting through the gears, and the bottoms of the boots are textured to help with slippage. These guys weigh about four pounds though, so they're not going to be the kind of slip on covers that are easy to slip into your riding jacket pockets. I don't think that these replace a good pair of riding boots, but in a pinch they can make the wet ride home a little more endurable.

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