Motorcycle Racing Mirrors Amber LED

Universal KapscoMoto Turn Signals for Street or Sport Bike

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Motorcycle Racing Mirrors Amber LED Insanity. A word best used when referring to the deteriorating condition that causes people in front of you to turn suddenly and without warning, which then can cause unexpected muscle reactions, which leave you locking the brakes in your big rig. Some motorcyclists out there have seen that scenario more times than they'd like to remember. It's currently unknown why people disregard the safety of others and decide not to use the turn signals that are now standard on every vehicle, but scientists are currently working on a solution. To help combat this condition in your own hometown, the best thing to do is slap more turn signals on your bike, like these ones from KapscoMoto.

These Universal Motorcycle Racing Mirrors are universal and designed to fit all Suzuki, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha or Ducati sport models. They're black in color and have LED turn signals integrated into the outside of the mirror. These LEDs are extremely bright and will last over 100,000 hours long. That's about 11 years of constant bulb action. The turn signals are amber colored, so they'll be street legal no matter where you go. These mirrors are easy to adjust and are made out of a high-impact ABS shell. The mirror itself is made from acrylic, which will resist cracking a lot better than glass. KapscoMoto includes everything you need to mount them.

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