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Journeys Through The American South by Scott Cochran

Posted by Andy

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Motorcycle Photography Travel Guide,I remember when I first started riding, I spent many afternoons getting "lost" around the area just riding through the landscape, making a mental map of all the places that I might want to go back to and ride with friends. I didn't even think about bringing a map with me. I figured as long as I just went back the way I came I'd be okay, but I never ventured out past my comfort zone either. If it was more than 50 miles or so away from home, I didn't want to risk getting lost. That's why if I was going to take a long cross country trip, I would want to do some research, maybe read up on a few rides.

"Motorcycle Journeys Through The American South" is a great example of what I would want to study up on before making a long trek. The book is more of a collection of travel guides written by motorcyclists, for us motorcyclists who haven't been through that part of the country yet. Reading it, you'll find numerous detailed day trip rides with maps and route directions and recommendations on local watering holes that are rider-friendly. There is even info on what you need to have in order to cross the boarder if you'd like. This book isn't going to have everything in it, but if you're like me and haven't gotten the chance to make the ride, at least it will point you in "a" direction.

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