Motorcycle Cruise Control Grip Kit

Universal 7/8 Inch Handlebar Mount

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Motorcycle Cruise Control Grip Kit The more often you indulge in lengthy rides, the more you need to find ways to assuage the various pains and discomfort that can arise. Aching backs, stiff hips, shoulder and neck pain, and the dreaded Throttle Hand. You know how it feels. The fingers stiffen and lock up, a dull ache starts up in your wrist, moves slowly up your forearm, and becomes more painful by the mile.

Cruise control can certainly help your rider's fatigue. The Universal Vista Cruise Control is easily installed. It has a ring assembly that fits over the top of the grip. The ring assembly connects to an arm that fits over the top of the switch housing. The other end of the arm connects to a clamp that attaches to the handlebar between the throttle housing and the switch housing.

Cruise control on bikes is always a slightly sketchy thing. The ability to react extremely quickly is what keeps you alive. You can disengage the cruise control with a flick of your thumb, and you better be ready to do just that if you run into a deer, a tractor, or your regular everyday irresponsible driver.

According to the manufacturer, this Cruise Control installs easily in minutes on most motorcycles without requiring removal of the grip. It fits most motorcycles with 7/8 inch handlebars. It does not fit any Harley Davidson models.

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