Motorcycle Cigarette Lighter Adapter for Handlebar

Universal 7/8 or 1 Inch Bar Mount

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Motorcycle Cigarette Lighter AdapterMy friend Dave loved to smoke cigars. He liked the kind with the little plastic filter, and he liked to smoke them while riding. I have fond memories of Dave riding down the road on his huge orange Harley (affectionately named Queenie), arms covered in full-sleeve tats, and a cigar clenched between his teeth. I always avoided riding directly behind Dave because the smoke and ash would inevitably find its way to my face. And while I am a cigar smoker too, I avoid anything with a plastic filter.

Dave didn't have one of these handlebar lighters -- if he knew about them, he would have surely bought one. The Universal fit cigarette lighter mounts on any 7/8 and 1" handlebars. It comes with hot and ground leads. The manufacturer recommends use of the in-line fuse, which is included. It also comes with handlebar mounting hardware.

Now, if you don't smoke, you may think you have no interest in this item whatsoever. It's not a pretty item, to be sure, and it does have the little smoking cigarette logo on it that we all remember from our dad's Buick in the '60s. But bear in mind that just as in a car, you can use this lighter to power your cell phone, IPOD, GPS or any other electronic decide that has a cigarette lighter adapter.

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