Motorcycle Carrier Wedge Lok

Bike Rack Hitch Mount Class III

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Motorcycle Carrier Wedge Lok I have always wondered about these frame-hitch mounted motorcycle carriers. I have used something similar with mountain bikes. However, with bicycles, we are carrying (at most) about 50 pounds total. Cycle Country rates the Wedge-Lok at 400 pounds. That is a lot of weight on the tail end of your vehicle. You must have a Class III hitch, which is the beefy one; but my concern is the potential for rocking and swaying since the main support is only a 2-inch square piece of metal. That's where the "wedge" in Wedge-Lok comes in. The wedge expands inside the receiver of the hitch to prevent excess movement.

The real benefit to this kind of hauling device is that it's not a trailer. This means it does not require a separate license and registration, it's easily stowable, and you don't have to embarrass yourself trying to back it up! And it is much cheaper than any kind of trailer, too.

I would not trust this unit with my Kawasaki ZZR1200, but that's not what it is designed for. I would certainly give it a shot with my dual-sport bike. I believe if it is not pushed too far in the weight department, it could be a great towing option.

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