Motorcycle Bike Stand Review, Universal

Front & Rear Swingarm Lift Set by Sky Enterprise

Posted by Andy

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Motorcycle Bike Stand Review, Universal Changing your own tires can be quite the challenge; it doesn't really matter what motorcycle you have, either. I've had times where I've had to hang the front part of the bike up from the rafters in a garage with ropes just because I didn't have a stand to change the front tire. Not only was it sketchy as hell, but because it swayed back and forth, it made it extremely difficult and exhausting trying to line up the rotors in the calipers and push the axle through at the same time without dropping the spacer nuts.

So, what would I do different now? I'd get a Motorcycle Bike Stand Front and Rear Swingarm Lift Set from Sky Enterprise USA. Why? Because it's universal and will fit Hondas and Harley-Davidsons alike. It's made out of 1⅓-inch heavy duty tubular powder-coated steel, but the whole thing detaches and breaks down for easy storage. The 3" wheels are oil resistant to help with any slipping that might occur while lifting up your entire bike off the ground for easier maintenance. Great for if you want to lube up your chain but don't want to push the bike 2 feet, then stop to lube and repeat for the whole thing. This Bike Stand could pay for itself with just one use.

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