Motion Pro Helmet Security Lock

Black w/ Key, Fits Bar Mount 7/8 Inch

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Motion Pro Motorcycle Helmet Lock In the summer months, it isn't hard to find a parking lot populated with motorcycles. Most of them have helmets dangling from the handlebars like low hanging fruit. Some less scrupulous individuals can bring in quite a bit of cash by harvesting unsecured helmets. And, while many bikes come with integrated helmet locks, many are like mine and leave the helmet resting on the hot pipes. Motion Pro provides an inexpensive and versatile alternative with their helmet lock.

The Motion Pro lock will secure to any 7/8-inch round bar using one-way screws. Small and inconspicuous, this won't detract from the look of your machine. You can get the helmet lock in a discreet black finish or a high-shine chrome.

Secured with a solid tubular lock bar, your helmet will be where you left it when you return. A set of keys are, obviously, included. Perhaps this isn't as intimidating as a length of chain wrapping your bike and helmet, but it's far more elegant.

At a cost of about $20, you can't really go wrong. The 7/8-inch size might not be for every bike, but if you're willing to shell out an extra $10 you can get a Motion Pro helmet lock that mounts to a 1-inch, 1 1/8-inch, or 1 1/4-inch bar.

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