Motorcycle Finger Gloves by Motion Pro

Leather & Spandex Magnetic Set of 6

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Motion Pro Magnetic Finger Glove Set ofHow many times has this scenario played out in your garage? You're hunched over your bike, reaching through a tangled mess of metal and wires in an attempt to unscrew a tiny little bolt that has been eluding your massive sausage fingers for the past half hour, only to have said bolt slip out of your grease-soaked hands and bounce off the floor into some hidden void in your shop, never to be found again. If only you had a mildly creepy-looking magnetic finger sleeve to keep that bolt from slipping through your digits... Well dream no more my friend. Say hello to the Motion Pro Magnetic Finger Glove.

This 2-way stretch spandex and leather Finger Glove has a nice powerful little magnet in the fingertip to keep metal pieces from getting away. And while this little beauty may look a bit odd on the hand, it really is an ingenious device that, if you thought about it, you could probably think of a time where it really would have come in handy.

This kit comes with six Finger Gloves so if you really wanted you could outfit your entire hand with magnetic powers, or just sell some to your buddies. Motion Pro is known for making good quality niche tools that no other company seems to come up with. The Finger Glove is no exception and if you can get past the giggle factor of the design, it's actually pretty useful.

You may find that one of these is helpful on garage repair days as well.

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