Motion Pro Finger Glove, Magnetic

Spandex & Leather Tip Grip for Garage Work

Posted by Andy

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Motion Pro Finger Glove, Magnetic I could never be a doctor... not because I don't think I'm intelligent enough to go through medical school, or could deal with all of the blood and sick people. Mainly it's because I can't stand putting on latex gloves. It seems like they suck all of the moisture out of my hand, and they stick to my skin, making them impossible to get off. We use them at the shop when we're working on a particularly dirty bike, to help keep our grip on small nuts and bolts and such. It's almost not worth the time and frustration, though, especially when really all we need is a finger or two to get the job done.

These Magnetic Finger Gloves, made by Motion Pro, are a great compromise. First and foremost, they're made out of 2-way stretch spandex so they fit almost every size of finger out there. They have leatherette on the bottom to help pull on easily, and on the finger tip for better grip. The best thing is that they have a small magnet in the finger tip as well that is just powerful enough to help keep that nut from slipping out of your fingers. If you don't need the whole glove, these are a great option.

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