Michelin Tube Tire Bib Mousse, Black

Foam Core Insert for Off Road Competition

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Michelin Tube Tire Bib Mousse, Black I live in the Desert Southwest, so I am no stranger to flat dirt-bike tires. Thorns punch their way into my tubes, and the rocky terrain inflicts more than a few of the dreaded "snake bite" sidewall pinch punctures. Because of my treacherous home trail environment, I was very curious about the Michelin Bib Mousse Tire Tubes.

The Bib Mousse is a foam core insert that replaces rubber tubes in off-road motorcycle tires. The non-inflatable insert insures a consistent pressure equivalent of 13 PSI. This is a very appropriate pressure for competition and for aggressive off-road duty. The tire is not for on-road use. In fact, Michelin states that it should never be ridden on hard surfaces at high speeds for more than 20 miles. Additionally, the top speed for the tube is 80 miles per hour.

The main use of the tube is for off-road competition where a flat will ruin a race day. With this in mind, my initial excitement waned a bit. I am not the target market for this tube. In fact, dual sport riders in general should probably steer clear of the Bib Mousse.

In the end, this is a quality product for a very narrow niche of the motorcycling world: competitive racers. The high cost and the fact that the tube is not a permanent solution (it does wear out) renders it questionable for the rest of us. However, it should be noted that Michelin is very clear that this is a competition accessory.

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