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Michelin Desert TireNothing invokes the romance of adventure motorcycling like the Paris/Dakar rally. Doesn't matter that it was held in South America this year; it's still the most grueling, dramatic, and amazing race on the planet. And Michelin was there, the riders using their Desert tire for 26 consecutive victories in the Dakar rally, ever since 1983. That's an impressive record for any manufacturer, made all the more impressive by the number of competitors in this same market.

The Michelin Desert Tire was designed to handle virtually any type of desert terrain, from rocks to sand to mud and every combination thereof. It has a thicker-than-normal, fairly stiff sidewall to resist punctures, and the entire tire is constructed from a mid-to-hard rubber to stand up to extreme punishment. This tire is also made to take abuse even in temperatures in excess of 120 degrees Fahrenheit. And it's DOT approved, meaning you can ride it on a highway and not be ticketed.

Users of this tire give it high marks for durability, traction, and standing up to brutal terrain. It does have an interesting "wobble" on certain bikes at higher speeds on asphalt, but this tends to go away once the tire breaks in. Some also reported traction to be a bit "slippy" on asphalt when turning -- but that's a tendency of knobby tires, thus difficult to determine if it's an actual trait of this tire. Michelin's own Baja tire is said to perform slightly better in deep sand, but does not wear as well as their Desert tire.

All in all, a good, tough tire for desert riding.

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