Leather Motorcycle Chaps, Braided

Jafrum Unisex Black Pants w/ Liner, Ankle Snap

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Leather Motorcycle Chaps, Braided There are some things that the cowboys had a knack for, and one of those things was coming up with practical clothing designs while out on the trails. The poncho, for example, is ingenious. It keeps you warm but also doesn't hinder your hand movement at all, and heck, it's pretty easy to make. Another thing that those rough-and-tumble guys and gals of the Old West wore was those leather chaps that Clint Eastwood and The Duke made so famous. Designed to protect the legs from the elements, but not hinder your comfort with extra unneeded fabric, leather chaps have become a staple in motorcycle protective clothing because of their practical applications.

These Unisex Braided Leather Chaps from Jafrum keep up the old idea of practicality without putting a huge dent in your wallet. They're made out of quality cow hide with a thickness of 1.1mm to 1.3mm. They're black in color and have buttons that come up the sides for ease of putting on and taking off. They have a comfortable liner in them that helps them not bunch up when you're getting on and off your bike. Jafrum makes these in sizes ranging from 3-Xtra Small (or as I like to refer to it as "baby sized") all the way up to 5XL.

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