Kuryakyn Universal Hand Grips

Chrome Rubber ISO 6240

Posted by Ila

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Kuryakyn Universal ISO Hand Grips 6240I am a fickle person. I'll paint my tank and then want to change it again a week later. I can't stand things staying the same. I need the Kuryakyn ISO-Grips.

In their default state, these grips have a chrome caging around the ISO pads. Air can pass between the pads, keeping your palms cool in the heat of summer, and considering the last few days have been in the 90s here, that sounds awfully nice.

Now, why are these good for the mercurial personality? Well, the ends of these grips are attached with four little screws. Those screws also allow you to add a variety of end caps, colorful knurled accent rings, an ISO-Throttle Boss, and the list goes on and on.

The ISO-Grips come completely apart, letting you clean any gunk that works its way into your grips. Keeping these things clean is important, because if they aren't clean, no one will know how great they look. The chrome frame is a fantastic accent for any bike, and black rubber pads are not going to clash.

For $50 to $70, these are a freaking steal. I normally don't get that excited about the price of grips, but the versatility of the ISO-Grips shows ingenuity and consideration to the individual desires of the rider. Good job, Kuryakyn.

You can even take it up another notch with heated hand grips in the wintertime.

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