Kuryakyn Electrical Power Point

Motorcycle Handlebar Outlet Charger for MP3, Phone, GPS

Posted by Andy

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Kuryakyn Electrical Power Point There are always times when you wish you had a little more power. Not necessarily in the motor of your bike (but I'm sure that has come up here and there), but actual electricity for your mounted GPS unit or iPod. There are some accessories that you can get that will attach a cheap cigarette lighter adaptor somewhere close to the battery to provide power, but they're not really easy to access, or you have to make sure you have a cord long enough.

The Kuryakyn Electrical Power Point is a perfect way to get some extra juice for your cell phone, iPod, or many other numerous electrical devices that require a little extra boost now and then. After an easy installation, you now have a power outlet right at the handlebars, making it really easy to access when you need it. The Power Point is designed to fit cruisers and sport bikes with 1-inch diameter handlebars and uses a standard cigarette lighter to provide power. Style-wise, the Power Point is chrome plated (always a nice touch) and it's in the Kuryakyn silver bullet shape, which isn't going to disgrace the look of your own bike. Everything you need to connect it to your battery is included in the package.

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