Kuryakyn Drive Shaft Cover

Chrome Plated Steel VTX 8285

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Kuryakyn Drive Shaft Cover VTX 8285Designing and constructing a bike like no other is a labor of love, which forms metal to reflect the essence of the rider. For decades, factory bikes have been rolling off the line bearing the deceptive name of "custom." If you buy it off the shelf, it's not custom.

Most of us will never have the time to learn the metal casting, welding, and engineering that would be required to construct the bike of our dreams, but we can customize with expressive covers and accessories. Kuryakyn provides so many options that the chances of two bikes showing up in the same outfit are minute, and you'll be able to find something that speaks to you as an individual.

Kuryakyn's drive shaft cover is made of stamped steel, and plated in lustrous chrome. This two-piece accessory will cover both the shaft tube and the differential. This cover will give that dull metal a splash of style which, with the rest of your accessories, will be unique to your bike. The asymmetric form of this cover gives the impression of haphazard speed, like currents of air being stirred by the passing of a bullet. Your passage will leave a wake as well, as pedestrians catch the glint of the sun from all that chrome.

Take the time to look through Kuryakyn's selection and you will find other accessories that will complement the drive shaft cover and give your bike an unparalleled appearance. Keep in mind that the quality of parts you buy will mean the difference between a sumptuous custom machine and a rat -- both can be fun, but what do you want?

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