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Ellipse Convex Swivel Pair 1438

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Kuryakyn Chrome Mirror Kit I've come to know Kuryakyn as that place with all the fun, wacky chrome. I know their products range drastically in style and composition, but they always surprise me a bit when they put out something that is subtle, elegant, and simply functional.

One of these pleasant surprises is the Ellipse mirror. As the name would suggest, the mirror housing is an ellipse. This mirror measures 5.25 inches long and 2.75 inches tall and stands on a 7-inch stem. The size, combined with the polished chrome, make this mirror nearly imperceptible when placed on a heavily-chromed machine.

You have an option of flat or convex glass, depending on personal preference. These mirrors adjust on an oversized swivel ball and lock firmly in place. The stems are wide and sturdy with a strategically-cut away midsection to reduce their overall weight but not their structural integrity.

The solid appearance is more than skin deep. These tough little mirrors would look fantastic on a machine that presents its mechanical components as the natural things of beauty that they are. I wouldn't recommend these if you have a lot of plastic, but if you want to strip off those fairings and let your bike be its naked self, these will be an excellent complement.

These are some of Kuryakyn's more straightforward accessories. You want a sleek chrome mirror? Here you go. That lack of complexity is nicely reflected in the price.

If you need more chrome to add to your ride, here's a chrome console thermometer by Riders Passion you'll like.

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