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01-06 Honda CBR600 F4i

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K&N Air Filter Here's a little story about air filters:

A man walks into a bike mechanic's shop and says, "My plugs are fouling really fast. Every time I ride, I need to sand them or replace them."

The mechanic takes the bike, puts in new plugs, and goes for a ride. The plugs still look fine when he checks them, so he takes the bike out again and rides for a couple hours. The plugs still look fine. He calls the owner and tells him that the bike is running well and he can come get it.

The man arrives, takes his keys, and proceeds to his bike. The mechanic watches with epiphanic dismay as the biker removes his over-shirt and stuffs it under his seat, blocking the flow to his airbox.

I know that you would never do something so abusive to your bike, but using a dirty air filter is little better. Regardless of your make or model, the best filter you can buy is a K&N filter. Some people say they're expensive, but that's just not true -- because this washable, reusable filter is far cheaper than buying OEM filters over the life of your bike.

More than 30 years of engineering, experience, and rigorous testing have given us an oiled cotton filter that will clean the air breathed through your bike without restricting the flow. Replacing your OEM filter with one from K&N will increase your horsepower, acceleration, and possibly even your gas mileage, but it won't void your warranty.

K&N promises one million miles out of their air filters, and they will stand behind each handmade filter they produce. If you take proper care of it, you'll never have to buy another air filter.

Here's the model K&N makes for the Honda Goldwing.

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