Klock Werks Front Fender Kit

Benchmark Cruiser KW05020001E

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Klock Werks Front Fender Kit Not many of the cruiser riders I know are looking for speed. We all have our stories about that one time we decided to open it up and see what it could do, but usually we're cruising along a hair over the limit. This is why cruisers can be outfitted with so many fun accessories, like this Klock Werks fender.

This is not about to shave ounces off of your ride. In fact, you're probably adding some weight. But you're adding a whole lot more style in the classic lines of this ever-so-slightly flared fender. I love these big front fenders. They give a bike an appearance of strength and durability.

Klock Werks' fender is made for 16-inch, 18-inch, or 21-inch front wheels. Stamped out of 14-gauge steel, this fender was then shaped into this 6.5-inch wide thing of beauty. Once formed, it was E-coated to hold off the corrosive effects of moisture. Keep it painted, and it won't rust.

The Klock Werks fender has been pre-drilled for easy installation, and this fender doesn't require mounting blocks. Made in the US, out of US steel, you can be proud to put this on your American-made bike or add a little homeland feel to your foreign machine.

Ask any beautiful woman: looking good isn't cheap. Be prepared to invest in this fender. If you want some convenient excuses, it will reduce the mud and grit kicked up onto the rest of your bike, helping to maintain the overall look and longevity of your machine.

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