Kids Mini Motorcycle Cruiser, Battery Operated 3 Wheeler

Harley-Davidson Toy Vehicle, Black & Chrome

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Kids Mini Motorcycle Cruiser, BatteryOver the years, I have become convinced that the desire to ride is a communicable disease, or if nothing else, genetically embedded and passed down through the generations. I know where I caught it: my grandpa instilled the desire to ride in me and in the tribe of cousins when he brought home a beat-up dirt bike and said "Ride it." My own daughters are as different as night and day and have nothing, literally NOTHING in common except the fact that both of them want to ride. There is a moment when you can see in a child's eyes that he or she has caught the bug. And it's all over then. Game over. There's nothing to do except to feed the need and buy the kid this completely kick-ass battery-operated mini motorcycle!

This particular motorcycle features "ultimate motorcycle style" with chrome color highlights and a vaguely chopper/cruiser style. It has a button for a starting sound and another for a horn. Yes, of course, the horn button can "accidentally break" if needed to protect Mom and Dad's sanity, but come on, have a heart. The bike has 3 wheels, so no balancing required. It supports up to 60 lbs., so this is definitely for smaller children. It has stylish stickers of flames and stars. The headlight and taillight light up when Junior presses the gas pedal. What could be more fun? This manufacturer makes several styles of battery-operated motorcycles, including a Full-Dress Harley. Hang your head in shame, Big Wheel. Game over.

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