Jafrum Motorcycle Windshield Bags

Black Three Pocket PVC w/ Studs WS21

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Jafrum Motorcycle Windshield Bags Jafrum needs to get their website in order. They list that their three pocket PVC windshield bag is made out of "thick cowhide leather." Unless they've started making cows out of polyvinyl chloride, I believe they are mistaken in one place or the other.

This trio of connected bags, whatever they're made from, have a total length of 22.25 inches across the shield. Black, and trimmed with a row studs on each flap, these bags offer a great way to organize. They also don't look half bad with the polished metal clasps and studs.

These are bigger than you might think, with the right and left bags being 6 inches long and the middle being 7.5 inches. Each bag is 2.5 inches deep. This is plenty of room for extra tools, cell phones, wallets, or a minibar (for driveway use only, of course).

Not to be rude, but I don't generally buy from Jafrum. I don't trust anyone with such horrible web design, and their products are hit and miss. I don't think, however, you can go too far wrong with this set of windshield bags. They look decent, offer a surprising amount of space, and come with a 2-year warranty. They also cost around $25, and I haven't heard anyone kicking up a fuss about the quality.

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