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Black Leather Nylon w/ Air Vent V3

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Icon Tarmac Gloves Icon's Tarmac gloves are not unlike today's nimble street bikes. They are small and they are complicated. I mean complicated in the best way possible -- complicated the way a watch is complicated, complicated because they pack everything you need into a small package.

The outer construction of these gloves is nylon and polyester with battlehide goatskin for the palms. This durable shell will keep your meat mitts from becoming burger. The tips of the fingers are rolled leather for protection and tactile feedback. Impact absorbing pads cover the knuckles where they're exposed to airborne rocks and the like. The shell is stitched to let your hand relax in the riding position, so your joints won't scream at you when you reach for the clutch after cruising for 100 miles.

What gives these gloves their intensely industrial look is the venting system. Icon didn't want to give up any protection when they developed this gloves, so they put some time into designing a series of rubber intake vents. These will keep a consistent flow of air across your hands and will be a dream come true in hot city riding. Where your hands are least likely to suffer abrasion or impact, Icon has placed mesh to provide even more relief for your overheated digits.

The Tarmac is so named because these are made for the street rider and made to protect the rider from the street. Icon offers these gloves in black, blue, red, yellow, and infantry (OD green). Every one of these selections looks amazingly resilient, and the price is perfect for a towny riding glove.

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