HJC Dirt Bike Helmet, Polycarbonate Shell

Solid Black or White CL-X5N

Posted by Tim

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HJC Dirt Bike Helmet, PolycarbonateWow! Do they still make these? A traditional, no frills, no nonsense dirt helmet?

The HJC CL-X5N solid helmet is refreshing in its simplicity. This helmet doesn't pretend to be anything but a well-built off-road helmet. Rest assured, in the case of this helmet, simple does not mean low quality. The CL-X5N is both DOT and Snell approved with its advanced polycarbonate composite shell, which was designed with HJCs advanced CAD technology.

The CL-X5N has a removable and washable interior. This is even more important in a dirt helmet than it is in a street helmet. That interior is made of what HJC calls "Bioceramic Nylex". It is a moisture wicking interior that is anti-bacterial. Venting is channeled through the front and pulled from the rear of the helmet.

Even the color options are no-nonsense. You can get this solid HJC helmet in any color you want as long as you want white, matte black, or black.

There is one downside. Even though HJC claims a large eye port, some goggles are a tight fit in this helmet. I suggest that you try on this model with your preferred goggles before purchase. I wear an HJC dirt helmet myself and can attest to the quality reputation HJC is growing in the industry.

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