HCI Vintage Half Helmet City, Silver

Lightweight Thin DOT by Jafrum w/ Free Carry Bag & Manual

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HCI Vintage Half Helmet City, Silver How thin is too thin? Well, it really depends on what you're talking about. In the world of motorcycles, "thin" might be a word that's used to describe the gas tank, or perhaps tires. It is also used to describe the thickness of your helmet, too, and some people really prefer to have small profile lids, which in turn are usually pretty thin. Many companies make vanity helmets and skull caps that are thin to the bone, but others still try to meet safety regulations.

Jafrum is distributing the Vintage/Retro Style Motorcycle Helmet from Helmet City Inc. It's one of the lightest and thinnest helmets on the market that still pass DOT requirements. Though other vintage or retro style helmets may be thinner, those are strictly considered vanity helmets and could be illegal in states requiring helmets. Jafrum's helmet contains just 1 inch of EPS liner thickness, which is not going to make your head look big at all. Included with every helmet is a fabric helmet bag to help keep scratches and scuffs off of it and an owner's manual (which seems a little strange considering it's just a helmet, but whatever). Sizes range from X-Small (about a 201/4" head) to a 2X-Large (about a 25" head circumference).

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