Harley-Davidson Ultra King Tour Pak

Brake Light | Chrome Accent Cover

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Harley-Davidson Ultra King Tour Pak So, you've got yourself an Ultra King Tour-Pak, which gives you storage space for those long trips. That's a wise move, but isn't it bland? There's nothing worse than buying a high-quality accessory that diminishes the overall look of your bike. It's tragic, but have no fear because Harley makes chrome accent covers for their King Tour-Pak.

Triple chrome-plated steel wraps the pack with brake lamp accents and a center trim piece. These accents will bring the look of your trunk in line with the rest of your bike, providing unity in the design and avoiding the appearance of having tacked on an aftermarket storage pack.

Don't underestimate the impact that a small, decorative accessory can have. I know a guy who painted his rims red. He rides an old Rebel and, even when parked with rows of shiny new Harleys, every passer-by stops to look at his ride. If chrome is your thing, these chrome accent covers will give you that much more.

The price might make you think again. At around $80, these accent pieces are not cheap, and in my opinion they are completely unnecessary. If you've got the money, then do your part in stimulating the economy, otherwise you can just appreciate these on other people's bikes, enviously.

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