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Harley-Davidson Touring Harley-Davidson touring bikes aren't known for handling prowess in the esses, and in fact they've sometimes been described as having a hinge in the middle. It can be disconcerting to go into a turn while your bike's back end meanders about, seemingly of its own whim and accord. But then, touring Harleys are designed primarily to handle straight-line runs on long American highways. You wanna corner, you gotta fix it up.

Happily, a number of companies make a fix for this problem. Progressive's Touring Link is an excellent solution, as well as being the most reasonably priced. It bolts up to the back end of the transmission on one side, and to the frame on the other. Tucked up out of the way, you'll never notice the additional parts, and the handling difference can be life-changing.

It's essentially three parts. You get a bracket that bolts to the transmission pan's holes with three bolts, a bracket that bolts to the frame, and a turnbuckle that joins the two brackets. Simple and clean. Most people report installation taking from 20-40 minutes and requiring only common tools to do the job.

Some owners have mentioned an increased vibration at idle once this part is installed. Progressive, however, claims there is no increase in vibration, while most riders say they can't tell the difference. Personally, I'd be okay with a little more shake if it meant less swerve and shimmy.

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