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Harley-Davidson Teardrop Mirrors So even if you aren't lighting your Cubanos with ten-dollar bills, even if you aren't having to pick between driving your Lamborghini and your Maserati, even if you are the non-Alaskan version of Joe Sixpack... you can still customize your bike (a little) with cool mirrors.

And the great thing about mirrors is there are so many to choose from! You can go totally over the top with iron-cross chrome with a grinning skull embedded in the back with light-up glowing red eyes -- mirrors
that will mark you as the "needy guy" -- or you can show a little more class and restraint and go with Willie G's Skull Collection Teardrop mirrors.

These mirrors are styled to complement the range of Harley Davidson's Skull accessory line. The skull on the back of the mirrors is billed as "menacing" by Harley, but it's more classy and understated than menacing. The skull is raised and the eyes are black-filled, which looks good against the shiny chrome. "Harley Davidson Motorcycles" is etched in script around the skull, adding a nice finish. These mirrors are teardrop-shaped, which actually improves rearward visibility (unlike the completely useless but fantastically cool mirrors I sport on my own bike, in which I can barely see the flashing
red and blue lights when they occur).

At about $95, these mirrors are a bit of affordable class and customization without going for "over-the-top bad-assery."

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