Harley-Davidson Sportster Fuel Gauge Kit

Motorcycle Digital Gas Meter, Black or Chrome Handlebar Mount

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Harley-Davidson Sportster Fuel GaugeThe Sportster Fuel Gauge Kit, made by Harley-Davidson, is designed to give you a little bit of stress relief, because there's nothing like the added frustration of getting just a couple of miles out of town only to start sputtering and run out of gas. After installing this bad boy, you'll no longer have to keep a mental tab of how long ago you filled up, or risk running out of gas and having to frantically swap it to the reserve tank before you stall on the freeway.

The whole kit comes with an in-tank sending unit that accurately monitors the fuel level by using a capacitive sensing technology. The fuel gage then sends this data to the handlebar-mounted LED monitor for a super-quick and easy visual display. What's neat is that it mounts to the front brake master reservoir, and the kit comes in both black and chrome finishes to help match your original look. The five LED lights stop as the fuel level drops, at five lights you're full, and it counts down to zero.

This Fuel Gauge Kit comes with the sending unit, LED master cylinder cover, wiring harness, and all necessary installation hardware. This Sportster kit only fits the '07-later XL and '08-later XR models, though.

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