Motorcycle Oil Tank Panel Cover, Chrome

Harley-Davidson Sportster Accessory Kit

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Harley-Davidson Sportster Chrome OilI've always liked to think of myself as having a greater mental capacity than a crow that collects gum wrappers because they reflect the sunlight. After all, I do have thumbs and am a card carrying member of the species that developed the motorcycle. But then a Harley passes by with every conceivable part chromed and I find myself thinking little more than "Oh, shiny..."

Harley's chrome oil tank cover will give you a significant amount of new chrome. The large surface area of the oil tank permits a reflective panel that, without any additional accessory, will completely change the look of your bike. Easy to install, this cover will complement your chrome and contrast the rest of your bike's workings.

Since it's made by Harley, you know this cover will fit your own Harley like a glove. All of the mounting hardware is included, so it should go on in a matter of minutes. A chrome cover is a great way to revitalize your bike, making it look new again.

You don't have to stop there because Harley also provides chrome covers for other parts, including a battery cover. As you ride past, regardless of personal aesthetic taste, bystanders will have to look when your chrome catches the sun. It's instinct.

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